SimpliSafe Camera

Year: 2015
Client: SimpliSafe
Project Site:

SimpliSafe is an award winning home security company offering professional monitoring service and self installed hardware. We were asked to design a security camera adding video capability to their existing family of products. We developed an updated design language in addition to production ready surfacing, CMF documentation, interaction design (on and off the device), and an engineering architecture.

The camera design language respects cues from the existing sensors in the family while introducing a new, simplified language. The continuous, swept front surface provides a clean canvas for the lens, while the back surface handles the complexity of multiple mounting scenarios in a slim volume.

The camera includes a wide angle lens, PIR sensor, night vision, microphone, and physical privacy shutter.  It’s designed to accommodate several mounting scenarios - wall-mount, or corner-mount, or using the aluminum stand. The user can remove the stand and cleanly mount the camera on a wall or in a corner using 3M Command Strips.